Bringing Quality Feline Medicine Back to Costa Mesa



Who do you trust with your cats when they need veterinary care? Well, if you lived in Orange County, CA you likely went to see Dr. Diane. Dr. Diane Steinberg has been a trusted professional to the cat owning community since 1988, when she opened the very first feline only veterinary hospital in the Orange County area. For 26 years she built long-lasting bonds with clients, and improved the quality of life for thousands of beloved feline patients. Her commitment to provide thoughtful and compassionate patient care and to strengthen the bonds that people have with their cats is what made her so popular among "cat people" everywhere.

Over these 26 years, Dr. Diane developed a team of professional veterinary staff that the community came to know and trust. Tracy Neurauter, one of Dr. Diane's most recognized employees by clients, was always the welcoming face at the front desk, since she began her career in feline practice in 1999. Her appreciation of the role that cats have in our lives, and the stresses that cat owners have about their well being, really brought comfort to cat owners and their cats.

So where is Dr. Diane now? Dr. Steinberg sold her private practice in 2007, but continued to practice there as she transitioned into semi-retirement. In 2015, she joined her husband's practice where she had been performing feline house calls on a limited basis. 

When Dr. Diane and Tracy learned that the original Cat Clinic of Orange County was closing, they were determined to bring back the same quality of medicine and care that they had built so many years before. They teamed up to open the Cat Clinic. The Cat Clinic was developed to provide the same quality, compassionate care and service that clients have come to know and love over the past 26 years. Dr. Diane and Tracy have hand-picked an incredible team of feline care professionals that share the same commitment to quality that cats and their owners deserve. 

The Cat Clinic is located at 1680 Tustin Avenue, in Costa Mesa, CA. Please stop in for a tour, or to say hi to the team!